• Washing Your Sheepskin Car Seat Cover

    You've spent a pretty penny on custom made car seat covers out of durable, comfortable sheepskin, and life on the road couldn't be better. That is, until your soft drink spills directly onto your prized seat cover, and there's not a dry cleaner to be found! Don't despair of having stain-free luxury to rest due to this little mishap.  After all, sheepskin is naturally resistant to soiling. You might be able to get away with spot cleaning your seats with a damp cloth and a little bit of elbow grease, just be sure to dab rather than rub.
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  • How Do Boat Trailer Brakes Work?

    You may have noticed that your boat trailer is only connected to your towing vehicle by the coupler. This observation may have led you to wonder how the trailer brakes when you are towing it. If you're driving your boat trailer for the first time, learn more how the braking system works for a smoother experience. Hydraulic Surge Brakes Defined Most boat trailers use the hydraulic surge brake system in their operation.
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  • 4 Surprising Tips for Safe Driving When on the Road

    You may think you're a good driver, but even those who assume they are more than competent behind the wheel often make mistakes that make them a danger to themselves and to others. If you're concerned about your own safety or want to make your teenager safer when behind the wheel, note these tips. 1. Always Keep Your Car in Good Repair This may seem like an obvious point, but it's surprising how often people drive with soft brakes, low tire pressure, or a cracked windshield without realizing how these things compromise their safety when behind the wheel.
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