Washing Your Sheepskin Car Seat Cover

Posted on: 3 August 2015


You've spent a pretty penny on custom made car seat covers out of durable, comfortable sheepskin, and life on the road couldn't be better. That is, until your soft drink spills directly onto your prized seat cover, and there's not a dry cleaner to be found!

Don't despair of having stain-free luxury to rest due to this little mishap.  After all, sheepskin is naturally resistant to soiling. You might be able to get away with spot cleaning your seats with a damp cloth and a little bit of elbow grease, just be sure to dab rather than rub. However, if the mess is really big, you could need to give the whole seat cover a good wash. While dry cleaning is generally recommended for these situations, it's not always the most practical route. After all, you're not going to interrupt your road trip for a few days while your custom made seat covers are cleaned at some dinky town's Laundromat!

Get back on the road quickly with a little bit of hotel time, some sheepskin-approved soap, a pet brush, and ingenuity. By the way, if it's Junior who's caused this snafu, it's a good idea to get him involved in the cleaning process. Perhaps he'll be more careful next time around.

Step 1: Carefully remove the cover from your seat. Make sure you've wiped up any pooled liquid as best you can to prevent it from staining the interior of your car.

Step 2: Hand wash the seat cover in lukewarm water, using the soap approved for use on sheepskin if available. If not, make sure you aren't applying a harsh soap that will do more harm than good.

Step 3: Rinse in cool water, and GENTLY squeeze out the excess. You don't want to wring it out too hard and end up with a misshapen seat cover!

Step 4: Lay it over a chair and allow to air dry, lightly stretching the material periodically with your hands to avoid shrinkage. Do not use a clothes dryer or direct heat.

Step 5: Grab a coarse pet fur brush and fluff up the fibres to get your custom made car seat cover look like it just came from the factory! You may be tempted to do the rest of them to get them looking just as good.

To maintain your seat covers in even the best of conditions, you can remove them from the car and shake them out before brushing them with your pet brush to keep the fibres from matting. This will keep your booty happy as you cruise on down the road on clean, comfortable seats once again! Contact a company such as Prestige Sheepskin to learn more.