4 Surprising Tips for Safe Driving When on the Road

Posted on: 19 February 2015


You may think you're a good driver, but even those who assume they are more than competent behind the wheel often make mistakes that make them a danger to themselves and to others. If you're concerned about your own safety or want to make your teenager safer when behind the wheel, note these tips.

1. Always Keep Your Car in Good Repair

This may seem like an obvious point, but it's surprising how often people drive with soft brakes, low tire pressure, or a cracked windshield without realizing how these things compromise their safety when behind the wheel. Soft brakes, meaning those that don't grip as they should, may be a sign of leaking brake fluid; if this fluid leaks out entirely, your brakes will give out entirely. A low tire doesn't offer much traction and may simply skid when you apply the brakes, and even a small crack or chip in the windshield can obstruct your view of oncoming traffic or children running into the street. To stay safe, always keep your car in good repair.

2. Turn on Your Headlights

Commercial drivers are often required to use their headlights even during the day, and some models of cars have them come on automatically once the car is put into gear. This is because your headlights make it easier for other drivers to see you even when it's light outside, so you're more likely to be noticed as you enter an intersection or face oncoming traffic. Headlights are especially necessary once it starts to become even slightly dark outside and in early morning hours before the sun comes up entirely.

3. Note How Others on the Road Drive

You may be a good driver, but what about others on the road? Do you always note if there is a car behind you and if you have room between you to safely brake? Do you look left and right before going through an intersection to note if there are cars who are running the light in your direction? Being aware of how other drivers are behaving when on the road can go a long way toward keeping you safe, even if your own driving skills are topnotch.

4. Use a Hands-free Device

In many areas it's an offense for which you can get a ticket if you're caught using your phone or texting while driving, as this distraction is very dangerous. A good solution, if you absolutely cannot give up using the phone when on the road, is to use a hands-free device. Have this installed in your car (by a company like Gold Coast Car Audio) so you don't need to hold the phone or manually dial to talk, and you'll cut down on distractions and keep yourself safer.