How to Upgrade Your Ute for Larger Loads

Posted on: 24 January 2022


Did you buy a premium ute so that you could gather friends and family together for some long weekends in the bush? You may love the concept of camping and have been planning this type of activity for some time, but now that you get down to the nitty-gritty, it appears that problems may be on the horizon. Could your plans be too ambitious given the type of transportation that you have? If so, is there anything that you can do about it without needing to buy a different vehicle?

Maximum Allowable Weight

Vehicle manufacturers tend to err on the safe side when they design their utility vehicles straight out of the box. In doing, they will apportion a recommended GVM (gross vehicle weight) which will then dictate the maximum legal weight that you can carry when fully loaded. Unfortunately, it doesn't take a great deal to reach and surpass that maximum weight, especially if you plan on carrying a full complement of adult passengers. If you've already decided to fit optional extras like bull bars and special lighting so you can see where you're going in the outback, you probably don't have much leeway to add camping gear and all the other accessories.

GVM Upgrades

In this case, you do have an option with your current vehicle if you consider getting a GVM upgrade. This will allow you to increase the allowable gross vehicle mass within the specifications given by the equipment manufacturer. You won't compromise performance either and may find that the vehicle is nicer to drive on loose surfaces anyway.

Figuring out Your Needs

To begin the process, have a look at the load ratings found in your user's manual. This will typically outline the maximum load over the front and rear axle as well as the total GVM for the vehicle.

Getting the Kit

Next, talk with your accessory supplier to see what GVM upgrade kits are available for your particular model. If you have a popular ute, you shouldn't have any issue finding a suitable kit that conforms with the regulations. These kits will typically include the replacement heavy-duty shock absorbers, coil or leaf springs, U-bolts and other connections.

Parting Thought

Just remember that once the kit has been fitted, the vehicle will need to be inspected and approved by an authorised engineer. They will then give you a modification plate to attach.

Happy camping!

For more information on GVM upgrades, contact a company near you.