Why Use a Car Trailer for an Interstate Move?

Posted on: 12 March 2021


If you're about to move a long distance to a different state, then you need to think about how you get vehicles to your new home. If you have a couple of cars in your household, drive a track car as a hobby or have a fixer-upper in your garage, then you might not have an easy way of doing this.

While some people pay to have their vehicles transported, you can also use a car trailer. Like any other trailer, you tow this kind of model behind your car; however, it is specifically designed to carry a vehicle.

What are the advantages of using a car trailer during your move?

Reduce Your Driving Load

If you and your partner each have a car, then you could both drive your own vehicles to your new home. However, if you're making a long move, one of you might not want to take on such a long drive. Plus, you might be unhappy with the fuel costs you'll have to pay to get both cars to their destination.

If you tow one of the vehicles on a car trailer, then you really only have to deal with driving one car on one journey. You can drive in shifts so you both get regular breaks. You won't have such high fuel costs.

Control When Your Vehicles Arrive

While you can book a car transport service for your move, this isn't always an ideal solution. If you don't book far enough in advance, then you might have a delay until your vehicles arrive. You might have to take time off your new job to take delivery when the vehicles do arrive. You can't always pick a day or time for this. You can sometimes pay for a faster delivery time; however, this will increase your costs.

If you drive both your vehicles to your new home yourself, then you control when they get there. You don't have to wait or worry about when they arrive.

Stay With Your Vehicles

You might not be happy handing your vehicles over to a car transport company. You might worry that something will happen to them during the journey. While reputable transport companies take good care of their loads, you'd rather stay with your cars. If you use a car trailer, then you are there with them for the whole journey. You don't have to pass responsibility over to anyone else.

To learn more about car trailers and to get advice on models that are the best fit for your needs, contact auto equipment suppliers.