How to Make Sure That Your Boards Make It to the Surf in One Piece

Posted on: 25 May 2018


Many young Australians learn to love the ever-present ocean from a young age and cannot wait to take full advantage of its many delights as soon as they can. It's not surprising to see all of those surfing shops dotted around the coastline and you may be the proud owner of some new surfboards following a recent trip. However, you may have overlooked one very important problem and that is – how you're going to transport the boards from your home to the big surf.

It Won't Fit!

Many young people may certainly have the advantage of some "wheels," but the vehicle itself may not be particularly large. In this case, putting the surfboards inside may prove to be an impossible task and it's not something you want to try and force, in case you damage the boards themselves, of course.

Strapping Options

Your first option may be to buy some ratchet straps which are relatively inexpensive, together with a bag to put the boards within. The latter will certainly help you to avoid any damage to the boards, but you will need to attach the ratchet straps carefully and then pass them through the inside of the car for security. This can be okay if you have a relatively short journey, but may get old pretty quickly. The boards will be inclined to move around a fair bit on the roof which could be noisy, and if it rains, water will seep in along the straps.

It may be possible for you to eliminate the noise as the boards bang on top of your roof by adding some specially-made foam pads to the equation. You will still have to run the straps around the boards and the pads first, before then feeding them through the car, as before.

Roof Rack

You may quickly come to the conclusion that the best way to handle this issue is to get a permanent roof rack fitted to the car. They are relatively easy to install and not that expensive and you will then be able to fit your boards or board bags directly to the rack itself. Then, simply use straps to secure everything to the rack and you won't need to worry about feeding anything through the inside of the car. Visit a shop that offers auto accessories to learn more about roof racks so you can transport your surf boards safely.