Three Essential Tips for Keeping Your Load Secure on Your Trailer

Posted on: 30 August 2018


You should think about purchasing a car trailer if you are often involved in the transport of commercial goods, equipment or general materials. A good trailer will increase the efficiency of moving bulky and heavy loads which would be difficult to move in a vehicle. In addition, you can reduce your regular transportation expenses by using a trailer instead of hiring a specialist hauler. However, it is essential to note that keeping loads secure during transit can be challenging for inexperienced trailer handlers. If you are planning on using a trailer for the first time, you should use the below tips to keep your cargo secure.

Choose the Right Restraints

You should purchase the right restraints for your loads after acquiring a suitable trailer. In general, you can choose ropes, straps or chains, depending on your needs. Rope is the traditional restraint option for transportation. Ropes are quite strong and can be used for diverse goods. However, you must know how to create appropriate knots for optimal security of your load. Straps are inexpensive, and they do not require special usage skills. However, their strength is limited; you must check the load rating. Chains are not necessary for most trailer haulage applications. However, if you are planning on hauling a car, boat or other heavy equipment, you might need their exceptional strength.

Distribute and Secure

You should distribute your cargo properly on your trailer before restraining it. You should make sure that both sides of the trailer have roughly the same weight. Otherwise, the trailer will tend to shift towards one side when on the road. You should place a little more weight towards the front of the trailer. The extra load will help in keeping the hitch connected more securely. More weight in the back will increase the risk of rig disconnection. Once you are satisfied with the placement of the loads, you should use your chosen restraints to secure the load. Make sure that the restraints are firm to minimise the shifting of the cargo during transportation.

Check the Load Periodically

Finally, you should check the condition of your trailer load periodically. If you choose the right restraints and tie them correctly, your cargo should remain in the desired position. However, the constant shifting of the trailer on the road can cause loosening of the restraints. You should check on the load after driving for some time to ensure that no changes have occurred. You should also remember to check the restraints for signs of damage.